Hear Here Records is a small but mighty record label born in the clubs, concert halls, and underground venues of Milwaukee, WI. Featuring local artists Sleepy GauchoImmortal Girlfriend, and Old Pup–as well as Arizona-native (and ex-Milwaukeean) Donivan Berube–the local label has facilitated everything from vinyl releases to art direction to top tier music videos for our artists. Not only do our artists work closely with the Hear Here team, but many of them also play an integral role in the creative collective at large.


Singer-songwriter Andy Goitia, a.k.a. Sleepy Gaucho, follows in the great American artistic tradition that is the rambler’s drawl. His music offers up a cocktail of wry existentialism and mellow introspection over the lilt and churn of steel guitars and playful keys. The laidback timbre of Goita’s music masks a precise multi-instrumentalist at work.

Morning Light

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