Hear Here Presents (HHP) is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, nonprofit creative collective that functions as a live music video series, recording and production studio, independent record label supporting local artists and destination for all things music, comedy, art, and culture in Milwaukee.

Over the last five years, HHP has not only built a collection of unique, multi-dimensional live performance videos, but also a community – one based simply on the love of music and meaningful experiences. Together, we’ve produced timeless videos, otherworldly events, and a tight-knit ecosystem of music-lovers, passionate producers, directors, audio engineers, videographers, editors, writers, designers, artists, musicians, photographers and comedians that all share a goal of uplifting and empowering Milwaukee’s creative community. 


meet the makers

Putting words to everything that’s in motion at Hear Here Presents is like visualizing every speck of light on a disco ball at the same time… So we’ll leave you with the folks that make it all go.

On October 27, 2014 comedian Ryan Holman had just gotten home from a long brunch shift at Cafe Hollander. He was about to close his eyes for a nap when the phone rang. Three hours later he walked on stage at the Riverside Theater as Dave Chappelle’s opening act. He delivered the goods and was invited back the next night. Two months later he sustained a horrific back injury dancing too hard at a Claude VonStroke show. It was so bad he literally couldn’t stand up (or perform standup… what a sick cosmic joke). He soon realized that he needed to create a new outlet for himself.

Enter Jenny Vanderheiden, one of Ryan’s closest collaborators and a sought after graphic designer and artist in Milwaukee. Jenny and Ryan both shared a love of music, comedy, and art–they also saw the world through a Wes Anderson-esque lens (but with more psychedelia and nostalgia). After years of putting on music and comedy shows together, designing kickass posters, and promoting all the Milwaukee artists they love, the two hatched the idea to collect raw live performances on video.



founder, executive producer, & decently well-balanced libra

Few dare to dream. Either Ryan wasn’t listening during the “dare to” part or he shrugged it off as filler, because he only dreams. Ever since he co-founded Hear Here Presents, the dreaming has never ceased. With dozens of beautiful live videos in the vault, Ryan continues to seek out the best talent in the country while curating the studio’s vintage art, gear, and decor into a stunning mirage that leaves visitors mesmerized. When he’s not scouring Facebook Marketplace for the latest treasure, you can find him at literally every show happening in the city on a given night, or at that new restaurant on 1st Street, or bringing friends and friends of friends from all over the country together for an unforgettable performance at the studio. He may not have a key to Milwaukee, but he should. 


founder, artistic director, and a classically floaty gemini

From day one, Jenny has used her unparalleled design skills to somehow make Hear Here look like we knew what the heck we were doing. She has flexed her branding ability to keep Hear Here looking fresh as we have “matured” over the years, consistently adapting and pushing our vintage psychedelic vibe to its limits.

Not only was she ¼ of our founding crew, but she was one of the initial two that planted and decided to keep watering this seed of an idea that has grown to be Hear Here Presents. When she’s not designing or building websites during the day, you might find her reading her roommate’s dog’s tarot or looking up one of her friend’s birth charts, all while wearing sparkly doc martens no matter the weather. She’s where we get that far-outness… Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you…Missus Jenny Vanderheiden.


producer, artist manager, the generator that keeps us moving, and a spicy little sagittarius

Madda is without a doubt the frosting that helps hold this gingerbread house together. Through her organizational skills, she’s helped elevate Hear Here Presents from a passion project to a real life production house and recording studio. With a keen sense of style, coupled with her event planning background and legal work, she helps HHP level up everyday. She is involved in every aspect of the behind the scenes work that gets done… and we mean EVERY aspect. In her free time she can be found wearing one of her many “sick” vintage towel jackets and probably listening to an old blues album while creating a mood board for one of her artists. Don’t mess with this Sag or you will get the flame. Ladies and gents, Madda Uuuuuudvari-Solner. 


founding sound engineer, mix master, and robotically methodical taurus

William is a literal wizard of an engineer, producer and musician. His attention to detail and investment in every artist goes unmatched among most engineers you encounter. Basically, he’s the polar opposite of the grouchy sound tech at the local dive bar. 

If he’s not producing epic sounds with his new project, “You Win!!!” you can probably find him blasting his new tracks in the studio or behind the board twisting knobs to ensure that our videos sound as crispy as a freshly picked apple. (You know the kind I’m talking about!?) He really is the best and we are lucky to have him. For real though, go listen to that Night Moves mix. We’ll wait.


founding videographer and just fiery enough for an aries

Brendan is another one of our founding members and videographers that began that project with us way back in 2015. We’re still lucky enough to get him in from time to time when he’s not working court side for the Bucks or tending to his fancy pollination garden. Not only does he make a difference on the Hear Here Team, but he also is a great member of our local community planting trees and planning murals throughout Milwaukee. Long story short, he’s an all around stand up guy who you can (almost) always count on for a smile.


audio engineer, technical director, and all around talented taurus

Cheston has been an integral part of the Hear Here team for a few years now. Whether he is helping to run the live sound or picking up a camera (usually both) he is the definition of a “jack of all trades”. If you’re looking to get something done right find yourself a Cheston… Actually, he’s our guy go find your own.


videographer, lighting director, and seriously the sweetest aquarius

We’ve affectionately nicknamed Art, “B-Roll” because there is no doubt that at some point during a session he’s going to be the one off in the corner filming a light fractal off one of our fake plants to really help catch that Hear Here vibe on camera. We thank the lord every day that he decided to go into film rather than modeling. He is a talented videographer, lighting director, and with his looks and personality he would definitely win any dating show he was on.


videographer, lighting director, and like actually really nice for a leo

Randy is an incredible videographer, lighting director, and all around human. When Randy is in the room we know shit is going to be ship shape. (Say that five times fast) Maybe it just seems like he knows what he’s doing because he wears glasses, but hey, he’s got me fooled and that’s what’s important. Really though, he is always looking to capture a little something extra special for each video while also being so dependable you’d think he was a Taurus. What we’re saying is… go get yourself a Randy if you have the chance.


director, editor, and =yet another chill ass aquarius

Christopher is another one of the longtime HHP team members that wears many hats and most of the time that’s going to be a stocking cap. When we’re lucky enough to get him up to the studio from Chicago we’ll use him as a director, videographer, or song and dance man, but regardless of where he is he’s always one of our core editors. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Yeah, a lot of those are his handy work… we miss you Chris, come visit soon.


photographer, wu-tang lover, and yeah you can tell she’s an aries

Well, if you live anywhere in the Milwaukee area that is not beneath a rock, you probably already know the renowned Ms. Lily Shea. FKA TigerLilyyyyyyyyy. Lily can be found supporting or shooting basically any cool event in the area. From her early days shooting for The Underwear Bike Rides to now being Bhagavan Ryan Holman’s personal photographer she continues to make people crack a smile and feel comfortable everywhere she goes.


website developer (yes this site), dogfather, and catch-him-if-you-can-gemini

Hunter is our resident web developer and has helped us to create everything you will see on this web site. From our very early stages Hunter has helped Hear Here to craft and build an online space for these fancy videos to live. As we decided to expand into other avenues Hunter has been right there to help bring Hear Here Presents into its next phase. In short, without Hunter’s help you would probably be over reading the staff bios at Consequence of Sound or the like.


studio manager, tired troubadour, and an ever so slightly-indecisive libra

From being one of HHP’s favorite local artists over the years through multiple creative projects, to joining our small label as Sleepy Gaucho, and now helping us in much of the day to day behind the scenes operations, Andy has proved himself to be some of that good old fashioned Andycado Oil that keeps this machine oiled up and running smoothly as we continue to grow.


sound engineer, chillest human you’ll ever meet, and ---

If you take the time to look up the slang word “Noice” in on Urban Dictionary dot com there is a pretty good chance you will see a photo of this guy. Mike came to our rescue sometime in 2019 when William was going to be out on tour and going to be absent for his first session since we began. We couldn’t trust just anyone, but basically Mike nailed it and we’re happy he continues to be a part of our little family.


director, editor, and he helps us hit our one scorpio quota

Ol’ Scotify here is another one of our multiple-hat wearing team members. But why would you wear a hat with that nice of a head of hair you ask? One may never know. If you can’t find him behind his camera capturing a live show or some fresh new product in the Madison area. You might be able to find him on the road with a band, finishing up an edit for a music video, on a long bike ride around Madison, or #collaborating with a local artist. Wherever you do find him though, tell him to text me back. Please.


videographer, director, and by our calculations a very sane gemini

Dom slid onto the Hear Here team in early 2018 after being sent on a recon mission for Scotify Studios. Since then he has been shooting sessions with us and helping to produce some super cool music videos that help Hear Here continue to grow as a collective. He is another one of the multi-talented videographers on the Hear Here team who also spends much of his time with photography and editing. And honestly, it’s pretty hard to tell he’s a Gemini, so don’t worry.


wordsmith, lap steel wizard, and true aries-pisces-cusp-er

More and more every day Will shows us that he is a man of many talents.  Some of the time he can be found creating slick psychedelic Midwestern Space vibes on his geetar or lap steel as “Old Pup,” one of our Hear Here Records artists. But ever since he made the hop from Madison to Milwaukee, he has become an integral part of the creative force that keeps Hear Here moving behind the curtain–with everything from generating ideas to helping us use correct grammar, he has no doubt edited this to say whatever he wants.


designer, professional list maker, and one of those capricorns

“Emma really is just the best” can often be heard echoing throughout the halls of the Lincoln Warehouse anytime her name is mentioned. Seriously though. She’s got one of those personalities that can calm down a baby. (I’ve never seen it because we don’t allow babies at the studio, but you understand what I’m saying.) She’s also an extremely talented designer and calligrapher and Mochi ball connoisseur.


graphic designer, phish phan, and oddly enough a (ph)isces

Alison originally connected with Hear Here while attending and chatting with us at a handful of the shows we were producing here in Milwaukee. So needless to say she has great taste in music. Her great taste extends beyond her love for good music and into her design aesthetic. We can’t wait for the live events to pick back up so that we can continue to collaborate with Alison on more projects.