Albums We Love: Fragments by Bonobo

Not only do we want to tell you that you should give Bonobo’s new album Fragments a listen, but we wanted to remind you that he is going to be back in Milwaukee at Turner Hall in just under 2 weeks. You will want to make sure to be there! I’ve personally seen Bonobo 2 times at Turner Hall and they both would honestly rank in the top 20 shows I’ve ever seen. Yes, both of them. It is a non stop groove fest. Long story short, come dance with us on Sunday March 13th if you’re here in Milwaukee! Get your tickets to Bonobo’s Turner Hall show HERE.

In the meantime, why don’t you jump on over to his Bandcamp to buy the new album Fragments on CD, Vinyl, or both (like I did, with the tote bag as well). You’ll thank me.

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