Albums We Love: “Here And There” by Kibrom Birhane

Album and Poster Artwork by Andrew McGranahan

I just stumbled upon this new-ish (released June 24th 2022) Kibrom Birhane album called, “Here And There”, and don’t let the fact that I pronounced his name right in your head make you think that I know much about ol’ Kibrom here. This is a very fresh find.

I was immediately drawn to the cover art, he used Andrew McGranahan for the album art, so immediately we know Kibrom has great taste.

This album reminds me of how I felt the first time I heard Kamasi Washington. It’s fresh, psychedelic, worldly, jazzy, timeless. If you weren’t sure, it would be hard to guess whether this album was produced in the early 70’s or modern day. As far as I can tell, Kibrom is an Ethiopian born artist who mixes spiritual jazz with Ethiopian jazz that creates a sound that crosses genres and cultures musically. You won’t be disappointed. I went ahead and ordered myself a vinyl right away along with the LIMITED EDITION SIGNED POSTER which is also made by McGranahan. Made that decision pretty easy.

Happy listening.

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