Long Mama at Hear Here Presents Recorded Live in in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September, 19th 2022, performing, “Half Love”, “Kite Flyer”, and “Poor Pretender”.

Kat Wodtke: acoustic guitar and vocals
Andrew Koenig: electric guitar
Samual Odin: upright bass
Nick Lang: drums

Long Mama’s music blisters with the heart and grit of someone who has lost hard, loved harder, and licked her burns until they stung then silvered. In a drafty attic just west of the Milwaukee River they grew up on, you can find songwriter Kat Wodtke (Wood-key) raking through notebooks in search of a salve: words, stories, and sounds to temper the dumpster fires we never mean to light. Flickering behind each song is Wodtke’s lived insight into our human faults and fissures — the moments in life when we can slip and lose our footing, or claw our way out…better people on the other side of the blaze.