Get Hip to the Cosmic Cowboy Daniel Donato

I first caught wind of old Daniel Donato about a week after he and his band of Cosmic Cowboys had just rolled through Milwaukee to play a Pre-Widespread Panic Street Party down by the Riverside. Needless to say I was bummed I had missed such a lay-up of an opportunity to see him here in my hometown. After doing a deep dive on his two albums, the 2021 release Cosmic Country & Western Songs and his first album A Young Man’s Country, I added Daniel to my shortlist of 2022 Hear Here Session reach outs. Low and behold within about a month of me adding him to that list they had announced a Milwaukee date for mid February. We reached out to his team about a week before they were scheduled to play The Back Room and the stars aligned. Can’t wait to share this session with you! See this dude and his cosmic band of misfits as they are undoubtedly coming to a city near you this year! I mean look at this spring tour they’re doing —> BUY TICKETS HERE!

We also made a playlist for the session, this is what we play while the band is loading in and sound checking. Check that out HERE.

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