A Not Super Long, But Not Superficial Look at Immortal Girlfriend’s “Beyond The Blue”

Single Art by Damien Blue

If Immortal Girlfriend hadn’t already proclaimed themselves the Dark Knights of Synth, I’d be offering up that title right here, right now.

Beyond The Blue’ leads with a driving baseline that builds the foundation for a storyline that explores actions or consequences, and decisions we must live with regardless. …”It’s coming from a post-pandemic us, and who we are in the world and how we choose to find our peace,” says Will Bush. 

My first listen on my headphones left me with an ear worm. This song is so damn catchy! But then I move over to the stereo and I hear the initial beat drop into the chorus, pumping drums over the existing sequenced baseline and I immediately know I want the volume louder. Please play this track loud. Maybe at your club, but also invite me when you do.

The iconic, tragic and tingly feeling coming from “Beyond The Blue” leaves me wondering what will be coming next from the brother duo. 


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