La Luz Live at Huichica Festival [VIDEO]

I knew that I liked La Luz, I knew that I wanted to see La Luz, but I tell you whut… I am now in LOVE with La Luz. These bad asses (a term I do not use lightly) stunned the shit out of us at Huichica Festival in Sonoma when we had the good fortune of going back in June. I’m talking stunned like, deer in headlights style.

La Luz were expertly sandwiched (pun intended–>) on the large amphitheater stage between W.I.T.C.H (see) and Allah-Las. Who also both put on spectacular performances. The way these women moved around the stage and really just plain commanded our attention was truly something special. It’s hard to say because the whole festival was rad, but La Luz may have had the stand out performance for Madda and me. So much so that we are going to drive out to Detroit to see them the last day of August. 🙂

Pop over HERE to see the rest of their east coast-ish tour dates.

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