Put This In Your Pipe and Smoke It: “Bad Man” by Andrew Cashen

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Here’s a tune that I can thank the Spotify Gods for. A lot of people hate on Spotify, but there’s almost no chance I would have heard this music without it. It was the second song on my new “Discover Weekly”. and it was one that caught my attention right away and got a second listen before I made it all the way through my list. The song that the Lord giveth today is, “Bad Man” by Andrew Cashen off of his album, “The Cosmic Silence” which was released in February of this year.

I think the reason that “Bad Man” pulled me in so quick is that it gives me a little bit of a My Morning Jacket / Jim James-y vibe, a little spooky and airy with some sexy reverb-y type thing. I also believe that someone is playing a flute which is just badass, miiiight be a piccolo, might be neither, but I’m taking a guess here.

I decided to just dive right in and listen to the rest of “The Cosmic Silence” which is the full album Andrew put out earlier this year so I could try and get the full musical picture. One minute it was really reminding me of Edward Sharpe, then the next I was getting this 40’s – 50’s Doo Wop-ish Greased Lightning thing and I’m not mad about it at all. I feel a little similarities to Beirut on his song, “Holding On”. I’m telling you, this album takes you on a bit of a genre journey, it’s certainly not boring. Going to give the full thing another listen through to confirm I like it as much as I do, but folks, this one here might be vinyl worthy.

Check out the song above, if you dig it, pop over to his Bandcamp to listen to the full album and purchase the vinyl.

A bit more info —> Upon stalking his Instagram page a wee bit I’m getting the feeling like he resides in or around Austin, Texas. Might be a minute before we get a midwest tour out of him, but you can bet we will either be at or be putting on the show when he comes through Milwaukee. Andrew, if you read this, have your people contact my people.

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