WebsterX Drops His new “Huffy” Song and Video Just in Time For That Fine Bike Riding Weather

Our friend and Milwaukee-based artist, WebsterX, recently dropped a new song and music video just in time for the warm weather here in the 414. Well, right in time for that one warm week we get each year in the early spring that makes you think, “Maybe this year will be different?” You know EXACTLY which week I’m talking about. Although I don’t currently have a Huffy, I certainly did in the 90’s, so you better believe this song spoke to me… Get it?… SPOKE?… Hey, what do you expect when you let a “comic” loose on a music site? But for real though, this song is already on my summer bike cruisin’ playlist. If you live in the Bay View area, you might even be lucky enough to catch me singing along to this one, once I nail down all the lyrics in a few weeks (when warm week number two finally hits us).

The music video for “Huffy” was directed and edited by Web’s long time collaborator, Cody LaPlant, and DP’d by the talented, Kyle Kadow, who together, pretty much turn everything they work on together into a timeless piece of art. They certainly know how to bring a song to life visually and get you in the right mood out of the gate. Nothing is overdone; it’s straight forward, but engaging, and they really just let the song take center stage. I love the lighting, the shots, the edit, and I can’t wait to see what these guys do next together.

If you’re local to the Milwaukee area, you may also recognize two other popular Milwaukee creatives that make a cameo appearance. Catch the infamous, Zed Kenzo, coloring Sam’s hair (and smirking when that confetti pops), and of course the always stylish mover AND shaker, the one and only, Christopher Gilbert, who can be found twisting himself to the beat. Which reminds me, I still need to schedule a dance-off with Chris…

Two other things worth following: Sam (aka Webster X), created a Summertime Shine playlist for your seasonal festivities and just announced two more BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL rides (VOL III + IV) to come this summer… Follow @blackisbeautifulmke on Instagram for dates and future announcements.

Photos by Junior and Co.

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